Two interesting pieces on whiteness.  The first in the New York Times describes how thousands of white enclaves across the country provided President Trump with his margin of victory, discussing why this might be so.  The second, an opinion piece in The Guardian, describes how an ideology of white supremacy to other ‘races’ drove imperialism in European nations and elsewhere, and argues that this was a cause of WWI.

White-on-white voting Thomas B. Edsall New York Times November 16, 2017

The election of Donald Trump revealed that in some of the nation’s whitest municipalities and counties — the communities arguably most insulated from urban crime, immigration and gangs — Trump did far better than Romney had done four years earlier. Read full story.

How colonial violence came home: The ugly truth of the First World War Pankaj Mishra The Guardian November 10, 2017

The great war is often depicted as an unexpected catastrophe.  But for millions who had been living under colonial rule, terror and degradation were nothing new.  Read full story.

Also see  Understanding harmful economic systems., especially the section on barriers to entry.

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