Cover of One Person No Vote by Carol Anderson

Voter suppression 2018

How gerrymandering suppresses people’s votes.

What is stronger than a blue wave? Gerrymandered districts Maggie Astor and K.K. Rebecca Lai New York Times November 29, 2018

“Democrats in North Carolina earned 48.3 percent of the total vote cast in House races but appeared to win only three seats; Republicans had 50.4 percent of the vote and won at least nine seats.”

An editorial by the New York Times on how making voter registration difficult is stifling democracy.

Voting should be easy.  Why isn’t it? Editorial Board New York Times October 18, 2018 “The Justice Department blocked the first version of the exact-match policy, in 2009, for discriminating against black, Asian and Latino voters in violation of the Voting Rights Act. Four years later, the Supreme Court gutted the heart of the act and paved the way for the policy and other discriminatory measures like it.”

GOP candidate improperly purged 340,000 from Georgia voter rolls, investigation claims Erin Durkin The Guardian October 19, 2018

Voter-Suppression Tactics in the Age of Trump Jelani Cobb The New Yorker (Review of One Person  No Vote by Carol Anderson)

Voting should be easy.  Why isn’t it? New York Times Editorial Board October 18, 2018

Cover of One Person No Vote by Carol Anderson

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