Cover of 'Unworthy Republic' by Claudio Saunt Credit: W.W. Norton

Unworthy Republic: The dispossession of Native Americans and the road to Indian territory by Claudio Saunt

‘Unworthy Republic’ takes an unflinching look at Indian removal in the 1830s Jennifer Szalai New York Times March 24, 2020
Saunt’s book traces the expulsion of 80,000 Native Americans over the course of the 1830s, from their homes in the eastern United States to territories west of the Mississippi River….Saunt argues that Indian Removal was truly “unprecedented”; it was a “formal, state-administered process” designed to eliminate every native person to the east of the Mississippi — a systematic expulsion that would later serve as an ignominious model for other regimes around the world.

Cover of Unworthy Republic by Claudio Saunt. Credit W.W. Norton

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