Tax havens 2021

Pandora Papers: Featured articles International Consortium of Investigative Journalists October 4, 2021
See articles including: Offshore havens and hidden riches of world leaders and billionaires exposed in unprecedented leak; Suspect foreign money flows into booming American tax havens on promise of eternal secrecy; How America’s largest law firm drives global wealth into tax havens;

Pandora Papers: Reporting from the Washington Post Washington Post 3, 2021
See articles including: Global hunt for looted treasures leads to offshore trusts; Secret trove illuminates the lives of billionaires buying influence, avoiding taxes and owning yachts; Rogue Americans stashed assets offshore, eluding victims and impeding investigators.

55 Corporations paid $0 in federal taxes on 2020 profits Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy April 2, 2021

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