Struggle for control – staying in power 2022

‘Hell is coming’: The Ugandan army’s heavy-handed crackdown in Karamoja Liam Taylor New Humanitarian December 1, 2022
‘If you question, they will beat you.’

Suspending donations to election deniers: What Fortune 500 companies said after Jan. 6 vs. what they did Alec MacGillis and Sergio Hernandez ProPublica November 1, 2020
All told, at least 228 of the Fortune 500 — representing more than two-thirds of the 300-odd companies that have political action committees — have given to the 147, for a total of more than $13 million. (This does not include millions in contributions made to Republican campaign committees for the House and Senate, much of which is making its way to those who voted against certifying the election results.)

Two articles on similarities between current U.S. politics and those of the post-Civil War.

October 23, 2022 Letter from an American Heather Cox Richardson October 24, 2022

For Trump’s backers in Congress, ‘Devil Terms’ help rally voters  Jennifer Valentino-DeVries and Steve Eder New York Times October 22, 2022
In vilifying tweets and speeches, G.O.P. lawmakers who contested the election have far outpaced other Republicans and Democrats in fueling polarization.

We need to stop calling ourselves conservatives John Daniel Davidson The Federalist October 20, 2022.
“To stop universities from spreading poisonous ideologies will require state legislatures to starve them of public funds. To stop the disintegration of the family might require reversing the travesty of no-fault divorce, combined with generous subsidies for families with small children.”

Sri Lankan opposition parties plan unity government after president quits Hannah Ellis-Petersen The Guardian July 10, 2022 A reckless dynasty has brought calamity to Sri Lanka  Kapil Komireddi New York Times July 11, 2022

José Eduardo dos Santos, longtime Angolan ruler, dies at 79 Alan Cowell New York Times July 8, 2022
As Angola’s president for 38 years, Mr. dos Santos ended the country’s civil war. He also launched an economic boom, but it mainly benefited his family and friends.

Luis Echeverría, Mexican politician with tarnished legacy, dies at 100 Alexander F. Remington Washington Post July 9, 2022
As Mexico’s top law enforcement official, he was indicted on genocide charges for his role in a massacre. As president, he led a ‘dirty war’ against opponents.

Miguel Etchecolatz, enforcer of Argentina’s ‘Dirty War,’ dies at 93 Brian Murphy Washington Post July 5, 2022
The former police deputy remained defiant over the atrocities committed during the 1976-1983 military rule

‘An invisible cage’: How China is policing the future Paul Mozur, Muyi Xiao and John Liu New York Times June 25, 2022

First January 6 Committee public hearing Select Committee to Investigate the January 6 Attack on the U.S. Capitol C-SPAN/You Tube June 9, 2022 (Video. See meeting timeline on the website.)

Ryan Kelley, a candidate for Michigan governor who was at the Capitol on Jan. 6, is arrested by the F.B.I. Azi Paybarah New York Times June 9, 2022
Mr. Kelley faces several misdemeanor charges, including disorderly conduct, in connection with the attack on the Capitol.

20,000 signatures on GOP-led “Voter Fraud” petition in Michigan were fraudulent Igor Derysh Salon/Truthout June 6, 2022

Five G.O.P. candidates for Michigan governor are ruled ineligible over forged petition signatures Neil Vigdor New York Times May 26, 2022
James Craig and Perry Johnson, two of the party’s top contenders, were denied spots on the ballot by a state canvassing board. The party-line decision is expected to draw lawsuits.

Unprecedented $1 billion first quarter lobbying haul puts 2022 on track for record year Anna Massoglia Open Secrets May 5, 2022

Dark money gets darker with less disclosure in the 2022 election Anna Massoglia Open Secrets May 19, 2022

Supreme Court agrees with Cruz, strikes campaign contribution limit Robert Barnes Washington Post May 16, 2022

Wall Street-funded Democrat PAC to spend $1 million in bid to unseat Tlaib: Report Bret Wilkins Common Dreams May 27, 2022

Facebook quietly bankrolled small, grass-roots groups to fight its battles in Washington Cat Zakrzewski and Elizabeth Dwoskin Washington Post May 17, 2022
Records show Facebook-funded American Edge backed minority interest groups, conservative think tanks and small business groups to create the appearance of opposition by grass-roots groups to antitrust regulation.

Inside the collapse of the Rajapaksa dynasty in Sri Lanka Gerry Shih and Hafeel Farisz Washington Post May 22, 2022
How two powerful brothers fell out and took their country down with them.

Nobel Peace Laureate Maria Ressa on return of the Marcos dynasty and social media disinformation Democracy Now May 11, 2022

A difficult return – race, class, and politics in Rodney’s Guyana Chinedu Chukwudinma ROAPE May 5, 2022
In 1974 Walter Rodney and his family returned to Guyana. Rodney immediately faced a country divided between the Indian and African working class, and the brutal and divisive regime of Forbes Burnham. Rodney produced an impressive body of historical work which provided a Marxist explanation for the divide of the country’s working people. Chinedu Chukwudinma continues the story of Rodney’s revolutionary life.

How a billionaires boys’ club came to dominate the public square Michael Scherer and Sarah Ellison Washington Post May 1, 2022
The information that courses through legacy publications and social media networks is increasingly shaped by billionaires and other wealthy dynasties.
Elon Musk’s growing grab bag of investors Kara Swisher New York Times May 5, 2022
…Prince al-Waleed bin Talal of Saudi Arabia, who previously said Twitter should reject Musk’s bid for being too low, flipped and is putting his 35 million share stake into the deal….Qatar’s sovereign wealth fund is on the list, with $375 million, because nothing says free speech like an absolute monarchy.

Colonialism is alive and well in Africa, but goes by many nice names ROAPE January 26, 2022

Haiti’s assassination probe has stalled. The U.S. one is advancing. Widlore Mérancourt, Amanda Coletta, Claire Parker and Samantha Schmidt Washington Post April 8, 2022

Coups, insurgency, and imperialism in Africa Amy Niang ROAPE March 8, 2022

Military intervention hasn’t stopped Mozambique’s jihadist conflict Obi Anyadike and Taveres Cebola New Humanitarian March 8, 2022
The conflict has depopulated northern Cabo Delgado – equivalent in size to Rwanda – with at least 730,000 people (roughly a third of the province’s overall population) fleeing to safer southern districts, like Montepuez. 

Inside Putin’s circle–the real Russian elite Anatol Lieven Financial Times March 11, 2022
As the west focuses on oligarchs, a far smaller group has its grip on true power in Moscow. Who are the siloviki — and what motivates them?

Coups are making a comeback Dave Lawler Axios January 30, 2022

How South Sudan’s peace process became a motor for violence Joshua Craze New Humanitarian February 3, 2022
But analysts, conflict monitoring groups, and local residents say the peace agreement has in fact caused a significant escalation in violence, as commanders and politicians compete for power in a transitional government based in the capital, Juba, by fighting wars in the peripheries – conflicts that international actors, including a billion-dollar UN mission in the country, and the United Nations Security Council, which has sanctioned South Sudan, often chalk down to communities fighting each other.

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