Logo of Citizens United, the organization whose suit brought the Supreme Court decision.

Restricting democracy

Restriction in the political system is very helpful, even essential, for a minority to gain or maintain control of the economy and key elements of society.  Here are some recent examples from the United States and elsewhere. 

A year of unprecedented deception: Trump averaged 15 false claims a day in 2018 Glen Kessler Washington Post December 30, 2018

Everyone who’s been charged in investigations related to the 2016 election New York Times December 17, 2018

Wisconsin’s Scott Walker signs bills stripping powers from incoming governor Mitch Smith and Monica Davey New York Times December 14, 2018

After Citizens United, a vicious cycle of corruption  Thomas B. Edsall New York Times December 6, 2018 (opinion)

How Speaker of the House Paul Ryan stayed on the right side of the law while obtaining a $30 million contribution to his Political Action Committee is described in this article, as well as the very large growth in these contributions, which are unconstrained by  limitations on individual contributions.

“Since 2010, when the case was decided, independent expenditures and other forms of outside spending have grown exponentially, according to OpenSecrets. In 2010, independent expenditures totaled $203.9 million; in 2016, it was $1.48 billion. In this nonpresidential year, with final reports still to come, independent expenditures totaled at least $1.18 billion.”

Image: Logo of Citizens United, the organization whose suit brought the Supreme Court decision. Credit Citizens United

The new autocrats: Leaders are turning democracy into a tool of oppression  Griff Witte  Washington Post December 7, 2018

People spreading disinformation is an important issue.

Facebook tackles rising threat: Americans aping Russian schemes to deceive  Sheera Frenkel New York Times October 11, 2018

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