Race, religious, ethnic divisions 2018

In Bosnia, entrenched ethnic divisions are a warning to the world Andrew Higgins New York Times November 19, 2018

‘Tell everyone we scalped you!’  How caste still rules in India Jeffrey Gettleman and Suhashani Raj New York Times November 17, 2018

Devah Pager, who documented race bias in job market, dies at 46 Katharine Q.  Seelye New York Times November 8, 2018

Five women who changed how we think about race Amisha Padnani  New York Times November 9, 2018

‘I can’t breathe’: In sewage worker deaths, a new India confronts an old scourge  Joanna Slater Washington Post September 15, 2018

In spite of rules against it, much sewage is still collected by hand, and the people doing it are Dalits, at the bottom of the still-present caste system.

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