Paul Manafort’s Guide to Laundering Income and Sereptious Spending

Very interesting revelations as the result of a federal indictment on how Paul Manafort hid income he had earned from the U.S. government, yet spent money lavishly in the United States,  Also noteworthy was how he earned the money in the first place.

Manafort is the tip of the iceberg Richard Gordon New York Times October 31, 2017.

How a federal inquiry says Paul Manafort laundered $18 million 

The indictment.

Also valuable were articles describing Manafort assistance to  deposed Ukrainian president  Viktor F. Yanukovych, who was closely allied with the Russian government,

Charges against Paul Manafort resonate in Ukraine  Andrew E. KrameNew York Times October 31, 2017

With Manafort, it really is about Russia, not Ukraine Evelyn N. Farkas New York Times November 5, 2017

Also see  Understanding harmful economic systems., especially the section on obtaining income.

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