Tax havens 2022

The western elite is preventing us from going after the assets of Russia’s hyper-rich Thomas Piketty The Guardian March 16, 2022
Why has no progress been made on an international financial registry? One simple reason: wealthy westerners don’t want one.

The search for oligarchs’ wealth in U.S. is hindered by investment loopholes Todd C. Frankel Washington Post March 16, 2022
Finding yachts and mansions is easier than uncovering money in private equity funds that don’t need to adopt anti-corruption rules, experts say.

How Putin’s oligarchs bought London Patrick Radden Keefe New Yorker March 17, 2022
From banking to boarding schools, the British establishment has long been at their service, discretion guaranteed.

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Discrimination 2022

Riding a horse is tradition for Indian grooms — except Dalits, who face caste violence. One district is fighting back. Niha Masih Washington Post February 21, 2022

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