Oxbridge and the reproduction of the ruling class

This blog post describes the advantages of an Oxford or Cambridge University education in Great Britain and how students from high income families have greater access to this education.

Oxbridge and the reproduction of the ruling class  All That is Solid October 22, 2017

It’s one of the great ironies of contemporary capitalism. The early 21st century gives off the impression of living in an age of rapid change, and that is true in some aspects. But in others, particularly relating to matters of class and economics, things are a deal more static… The standard of living is flatlining and increasingly financed on the never-never, social mobility is down and the upper echelons of society are seeing the privileged and well-heeled pensioned off and replaced by … the privileged and well-heeled. That’s why the news of Oxbridge getting even narrower came as zero surprise. Read full post.

Also see  Understanding harmful economic systems., especially the section on barriers to entry.

Photo: Oxford University Credit: Pablo Fernandez

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