Oppression and Exploitation News July 25 – 31

Opposing oppression, injustice 2019

The four ordinary people who took on big pharma Beth Macy New York Times July 20, 2019 (Opinion)
“They tried to warn us about the dangers of OxyContin. Almost two decades later, we’re finally listening.”

Struggle for control 2019

Turkey’s ruling party is splintering. Here’s why. Yunus Orhan and Ora John Reuter Washington Post July 18, 2019 (Analysis)
“Defections could be a bigger threat to Erdogan’s rule than the recent election losses.”

Philippine Vice President, a Duterte foe, is charged in plot against him Jason Gutierrez New York Times July 19, 2019
“The charges against the 36 people, including Vice President Leni Robredo, several senators and Catholic officials, are aimed at those who have been sharply critical of Mr. Duterte’s war on drugs and other actions, like his crackdown on the news media.”

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