Oppression and Exploitation News February 27 – March 4

Harming people – Keeping people oppressed 2020

Journalist’s murder puts a tycoon, and a nation, on trial Miroslava German Sirotnikova and Marc Santora New York Times February 28, 2020
The killing of Jan Kuciak and his fiancée shocked Slovakia. The trial of the businessman accused of ordering it promises to expose corruption in high places.

China sentences Hong Kong bookseller Gui Minhai to 10 years in prison Austin Ramzey New York Times February 25, 2020
Mr. Gui, a Chinese-born Swedish citizen, ran a publishing house that appeared to anger the Communist Party. The bookseller disappeared under mysterious circumstances from his home in Thailand in 2015 only to emerge as a target in a campaign by China’s Communist Party to silence dissent even beyond the mainland.

Harm through the government 2020

A Mexican oil chief’s hide-out: sea views and 2 golf courses Raphael Minder New York Times February 22, 2020
Before he was arrested this month, the former head of Pemex lay low in one of the world’s most discreet and exclusive locations on Spain’s sunny southern coast.

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