Oppression and Exploitation News December 25, 2019 – January 1, 2020

Opposing oppression, injustice 2019

All the political revolts America ignored in 2019 Juan Cole Truthdig December 26, 2019

25 journalists killed in 2019 64 journalists missing in 2019 Committee to Protect Journalists December 2019

Special Report: Iran’s leader ordered crackdown on unrest – ‘Do whatever it takes to end it’ – about 1,500 killled Reuters December 23, 2019

A year of protests sparked change around the globe Alan Crawford Bloomberg News December 6, 2019

Harm through the market 2019

Prime power: How Amazon squeezes the businesses behind its store Karen Weise New York Times December 19, 2019
Twenty years ago, Amazon opened its storefront to anyone who wanted to sell something. Then it began demanding more out of them.

Prime leverage: How Amazon wields power in the technology world Daisuke Wakabayashi New York Times December 15, 2019
Software start-ups have a phrase for what Amazon is doing to them: ‘strip-mining’ them of their innovations.

Discrimination 2019

We are witnessing a rediscovery of India’s Republic Rohit De and Surabhi Ranganathan New York Times December 27, 2019
Indians protesting against a discriminatory citizenship law are using the Constitution as a rallying cry.

Indian parliament passes divisive citizenship bill, moving It closer to law Jeffrey Gettleman and Sushasini Raj New York Times December 11, 2019 Updated December 16, 2019

Obtaining income through the government 2019

How big companies won new tax breaks from the Trump administration Jesse Drucker and Jim Tankersley New York Times December 30, 2019
As the Treasury Department prepared to enact the 2017 Republican tax overhaul, corporate lobbyists swarmed — and won big.

Corporate tax avoidance in the first year of the Trump tax law Institute of Taxation and Economic Policy December 16, 2019
When drafting the tax law, lawmakers could have eliminated special breaks and loopholes in the corporate tax to offset the cost of reducing the statutory rate. Instead, the new law introduced many new breaks and loopholes, though it eliminated some old ones. The unsurprising result: Profitable American corporations in 2018 collectively paid an average effective federal income tax rate of 11.3 percent on their 2018 income, barely more than half the 21 percent statutory tax rate.

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