Oppression and Exploitation News December 12 – 18


The Infinity War. We say we’re a peaceful nation. Why do our nation’s leaders always keep us at war? Samuel Moyn and Stephen Wertheim Washington Post December 12, 2019

What did the United States get for $2 trillion in Afghanistan? Sarah Almukhtar and Rod Nordland New York Times December 9, 2019

The secret history of the war in Afghanistan Craig Whitlock Washington Post December 9, 2019 A six-part series.
Part 1 At war with the truth–U.S. officials constantly said they were making progress in Afghanistan. They were not, confidential documents show, and they knew it.
Part 2 Stranded without a strategy. Bush and Obama had polar-opposite plans to win the war. Both were destined to fail.
Part 3 Built to fail. Despite vows the U.S. wouldn’t get mired in “nation-building,” it has wasted billions doing just that.
Part 4 Consumed by corruption The U.S. flooded the country with money — then turned a blind eye to the graft it fueled.
Part 5 Unguarded nation. Afghan security forces, despite years of training, were dogged by incompetence and corruption.
Part 6 Overwhelmed by opium. The U.S. war on drugs in Afghanistan has imploded at nearly every turn.

Obtaining income through the government 2019

How FedEx cut its tax bill to 0 Jim Tankersley, Peter Eavis, and Ben Casselman New York Times November 17, 2019
The company, like much of corporate America, has not made good on its promised investment surge from President Trump’s 2017 tax cuts.

Discrimination 2019

Indian parliament passes divisive citizenship bill, moving It closer to law Jeffrey Gettleman and Sushasini Raj New York Times December 11, 2019 Updated December 16, 2019

The Jim Crow South? No Long Island today The Editorial Board New York Times November 21, 2019
An investigation reveals widespread housing discrimination against blacks and other minorities in New York’s suburbs, more than 50 years after the Fair Housing Act.

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