No country fully safeguards labor rights

Systemic Disorder August 2, 2017.

There is no country on Earth in which violations of labor rights do not occur. The best rating is for those which are merely “irregular violators of rights,” and only 12 countries managed that. The International Trade Union Confederation, in its annual Global Rights Index report on the state of labor around the world, has once again provided sobering news. Sixty percent of countries exclude whole categories of workers from labor law, the ITUC report says, indicative that “corporate interests are being put ahead of the interests of working people in the global economy.” Read full story.

Image caption: International Trade Union Confederation map of labor rights. Green represents the highest-ranking countries; red the lowest.  The United States is in the next-to-lowest category, “systematic violations of rights,” with 33 other countries including Great Britain and Brazil.

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