In memoriam 2017: Those who opposed oppression, injustice

(Some of) those who opposed oppression and injustice who died in 2017 (or died earlier, but whose deaths were recognized by sources in 2017).

Record 200 activists murdered globally for defending the environment as numbers grow year-on-year. Nearly four people were killed every week across 24 countries in 2016 Chloe Farand The Independent July 13, 2017

Roy Innis, black activist with a right-wing bent, dies at 82 Robert D. McFadden New York Times January 10, 2017

Former Russian lawmaker is killed in Ukraine Andrew Roth and Natalie Gryvnyak Washington Post March 23, 2017

Dick Gregory, cutting-edge satirist and uncompromising activist, dies at 84 T. Rees Shapiro Washington Post August 20, 2017

Kate Millett, ground-breaking feminist writer, is dead at 82 Parul Sehgal and Neil Genzlinger New York Times September 6, 2017

Syrian activist and journalist daughter ‘murdered’ in Istanbul  BBC News September 22, 2017

Investigative journalist in Malta is killed in car bombing Sewell Chan New York Times October 16, 2017

Simeon Booker, pioneering reporter on race Issues, dies at 99 Robert D. McFadden New York Times December 10, 2017

At Least 6,700 Rohingya died in Myanmar crackdown, aid group says  Hannah Beech New York Times December 15, 2017

Kazimierz Piechowski, early Auschwitz prisoner who led a risky escape by car, dies at 98  Harrison Smith Washington Post December 18, 2017

Recy Taylor, who fought for justice after a 1944 rape, dies at 97 Sewell Chan New York Times December 29, 2017

Journalists murdered in 2017 Committee to Protect Journalists December 31, 2017

The following obituaries are from the Washington Post.

Thomas J. Hudner Jr., military and civil rights hero of Korean War, dies at 93

Judy Martz, Montana’s first woman governor, dies at 74

Sima Wali, exiled champion of Afghan women, dies at 66

Armando Calderon Sol, first president to lead El Salvador after its civil war, dies at 69

Edith Windsor, who led fight for federal benefits for same-sex couples, dies at 88

Mamá Angélica,’ who searched for the dead and disappeared during Peruvian ‘dirty war, dies at 88

Simeon Wright, witness to the abduction of his cousin Emmett Till, dies at 74

Martha Ann Miller, who taught at one of Virginia’s first desegregated public schools, dies at 106

Fadwa Suleiman, Syrian actress who led resistance to Assad regime, dies

Known as the Mother Teresa of Pakistan, she helped defeat one of the most stigmatized diseases in human history

Virginia Bouvier, who worked for peace in Colombia, dies at 58

Margaret Bergmann Lambert, Jewish high jumper barred from the Berlin Olympics, dies at 103

Herbert L. Needleman, pediatrician who exposed dangers of lead poisoning, dies at 89

Liu Xiaobo, Nobel Peace Prize laureate imprisoned in China, dies at 61

Jack Shaheen, who worked to dismantle Arab stereotypes in media, dies at 81

Ketumile Masire, Botswana president known as model leader of model African nation, dies at 91

Andimba Toivo ya Toivo, Namibian independence leader imprisoned with Nelson Mandela, dies at 92

Arthur Jackson, Medal of Honor recipient for WWII ‘one-man assault’ at Peleliu, dies at 92

The Nazis were closing in on a spy known as ‘The Limping Lady.’ She fled across mountains on a wooden leg.

Thomas Melville, antiwar protester and one of the ‘Catonsville Nine,’ dies at 86

John Herbers, journalist on front lines of civil rights reporting, dies at 93

Wilburn Ross, who received Medal of Honor for heroism in WWII, dies at 94

Roger Wilkins, civil rights champion in government and journalism, dies at 85

Aileen Hernandez, former NOW president who fought for women’s and minority rights, dies at 90

Nat Hentoff, journalist who wrote on jazz and civil liberties, dies at 91

Mario Soares, Portuguese leader who restored democratic ideals, dies at 92


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