Medicare for All rally Los Angeles February 2017 Credit Molly Adams

Large firm economic and political power 2019

Prices paid to hospitals by private health plans are high relative to Medicare and vary widely Chapin White and Christopher Whaley Rand June 2019
“Transparency by itself is likely insufficient to reduce hospital prices, and employers may need state or federal policy interventions to rebalance negotiating leverage between hospitals and employer health plans.”

U.S. health care is very expensive, yet quality is not high. This is due to various factors mentioned in the article including high prices for services and drugs.
U.S. health care ranked worst in the developed world Melissa Hellmann Time June 17, 2018

Health and insurance industries mobilize to kill “Medicare for all” Robert Pear New York Times February 23, 2019

Photo: Medicare for All rally Los Angeles, February 2017 Credit Molly Adams

Prescription drug wholesalers reaped windfall from alleged price-fixing Christopher Rowland Washington Post February 1, 2019

CVS bought your local drugstore, mail-order pharmacy and health insurer. What’s next, your hospital? Steven Pearlstein Washington Post January 31, 2017

Anonymous ‘ghost ship’ is among groups flooding drug pricing debate Christopher Rowland and Jeff Stein Washington Post January 22, 2019

The Insulin Wars. How  insurance companies farm out their dirty work to doctors and patients. Danielle Ofri New York Times January 18, 2019

Life, death and insulin Tiffany Stanley Washington Post January 7, 2019
As the cost of the lifesaving medication skyrockets, some desperate diabetics are rationing — and risking their lives. Was Alec Raeshawn Smith one of them?

For further explanation, see Understanding Exploitation, especially the sections Exploitation of labor by capital, Monopoly capital and other additions, and Monopoly and oligopoly.

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