Harm to the environment 2022

Congress offers $1 billion for climate aid, falling short of Biden’s pledge Lisa Friedman New York Times December 20, 2022
Activists called the funding to help developing countries cope with the impacts of climate change “hugely disappointing.” The pledge was to spend $11.4 billion annually by 2024 to ensure developing nations can transition to clean energy and adapt to a warming planet.

As COP15 begins, biodiversity’s ‘Paris Moment’ looks a distant dream Stella Paul Inter Press Service December 9, 2022

Animals are running out of places to live  Catrin Einhorn and Lauren Leatherby New York Times December 9, 2022
The main cause on land is perhaps the most straightforward: Humans are taking over too much of the planet, erasing what was there before.

The main COP27 solution to saving the planet: Make it an asset class & sell it Lynn Fries and John Bellamy Foster Institute for New Economic Thinking November 9, 2022

Towards a just transition: breaking with the existing order Hamza Hamouchene, Ouafa Haddioui and Katie Sandwell ROAPE November 15, 2022
The action proposed by world leaders, their advisors, and corporate lobbyists at the climate talks (COP27) in Egypt are neoliberal, market-based, and focused on preserving a racist and capitalist global order. Introducing a collection of papers on the climate emergency in North Africa, Hamza Hamouchene, Ouafa Haddioui and Katie Sandwell denounce mainstream and top-down solutions for an environmental crisis engulfing the region, and continent.

U.N. climate talks end with a deal to pay poor nations for damage  Brad Plumer, Max Bearak, Lisa Friedman and Jenny Gross New York Times November 20, 2022
Nations reached a landmark deal to compensate developing nations for climate harm. But some leaders said the summit didn’t go far enough in addressing the root causes of global warming.

Poor countries need climate funding. These plans could unlock trillions.  David Gelles and Max Bearak New York Times November 9, 2022
As global warming delivers cascading weather disasters, leaders at U.N. climate talks say it’s time to radically overhaul the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.

Herman Daly, 84, who challenged the economic gospel of growth, dies Ed Shanahan New York Times November 8, 2022
Perhaps the best-known ecological economist, he faulted his mainstream peers for failing to account for the environmental harm growth can bring.

Developing nations have a message at global climate talks: Polluters, pay up  Brad Plumer, Lisa Friedman and Somini Sengupta New York Times November 6, 2022
Poor countries facing climate hazards want the United States and other industrialized nations to compensate them for the harm caused by greenhouse gases.

True value of climate finance is a third of what developed countries report Oxfam October 19, 2022 Access full report.
Oxfam estimates between just $21-24.5 billion as the “true value” of climate finance provided in 2020, against a reported figure of $68.3 billion in public finance that rich countries said was provided (alongside mobilized private finance bringing the total to $83.3 billion). The global climate finance target is supposed to be $100 billion a year.

The cost of delay: Why finance to address loss and damage must be agreed at COP27 Lyndsay Walsh and Teo Ormond-Skeaping The Loss and Damage Evaluation October 24, 2022 Access to full report available at end of article.

Ecological breakdown: What are externalities external to? Güney Işıkara Developing Economics December 17, 2020
The 2018 Bank of Sweden Prize (falsely known as the Economics Nobel Prize) winner William Nordhaus opens the revised version of his Prize lecture as follows: “I begin with the fundamental problem posed by climate change – that is a public good or externality. Such activities are ones whose costs or benefits will spill outside the market and are not captured in market prices.”

The Barbados Rebellion: An island nation’s fight for climate justice Abrahm Lustgarten New York Times July 27, 2022
The Caribbean is trapped between crushing debt and a climate disaster caused by rich nations. Prime Minister Mia Mottley is battling for a fairer system.

Unearthing the secret superpowers of fungus  Somini Sengupta  and (Photos) Tomás Munita  July 27, 2022
In the fight against warming, a formidable ally hides just beneath our feet. Report from Chile on scientists building a global atlas of underground fungal networks. [After centuries of destruction of natural land, mankind has still not understood its benefits. ED.]

Congo to auction land to oil companies: ‘Our priority is not to save the planet’ Ruth Maclean and Dionne Searcey New York Times July 24, 2022
Peatlands and rainforests in the Congo Basin protect the planet by storing carbon. Now, in a giant leap backward for the climate, they’re being auctioned off for drilling. Promised climate compensation from developed countries did not come through.

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