Harm through the government 2021

Inside the I.R.S. files of the ultra-wealthy Amanpour & Co June 14, 2021 (Interview audio or transcript)
The journalist Jesse Eisinger breaks down the ProPublica investigation into how little the uber-rich pay in taxes, and what that means for the rest of us.

She exposed the truth about ‘dirty money’: It’s everywhere Mark Schoofs New York Times June 10, 2021 (Opinion)
On the same day that President Biden vowed to make global financial systems more transparent so that individuals and organizations engaged in corruption would find it harder to “shield their activities.” a federal judge imposed prison time on Natalie Mayflower Sours Edwards, a former Treasury Department official who, by providing secret government documents to an investigative reporter, did more to bring transparency to the global financial system than almost anyone else in recent memory.

Biden ramps up fight against corruption Dylan Tokar Wall Street Journal June 4, 2021
Anticorruption push could lead to broader focus among federal prosecutors on corruption and bribery.

‘They have another door’: Kenya’s vaccine rollout exposes rich-poor divide Rael Ombour and Max Bearak Washington Post April 3, 2021
Kenya’s eligible essential workers say the government and hospitals are allowing the well-connected to skip the vaccination line.

Preliminary findings of the visit to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela by the Special Rapporteur on the negative impact of unilateral coercive measures on the enjoyment of human rights Alena Douhan Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights February 12, 2021
“Unilateral sanctions against the oil, gold, mining and other economic sectors, the state-owned airline and the TV industry constitute a violation of international law… The announced purpose of the “maximum pressure” campaign – to change the Government of Venezuela – violates the principle of sovereign equality of states and constitutes an intervention in the domestic affairs of Venezuela…”

U.N. rebuke of U.S. sanctions on Venezuela met with stunning silence John McEvoy Fair March 10, 2021 Examines the lack of media coverage surrounding a UN report on the consequences of US sanctions.

Ray LaHood, Obama’s transportation secretary, failed to disclose a $50,000 check from an associate of a Lebanese-Nigerian billionaire Thomas Kaplan New York Times March 31, 2021

The road to clemency from Trump was closed to most who sought it Kenneth P. Vogel New York Times January 26, 2021
Of the nearly 240 pardons and commutations he granted during his term, only 25 came through the regular Justice Department process. The rest were a product of connections, influence and money.

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