Discrimination 2021

Arrests, beatings and secret prayers: Inside the persecution of India’s Christians Jeffrey Gettleman and Suhasini Raj New York Times December 22, 2021

How thousands of Black farmers were forced off their land Kali Holloway The Nation November 1, 2021
Black people own just 2 percent of farmland in the United States. A decades-long history of loan denials at the USDA is a major reason why.

America’s 50,000 monuments: More mermaids than congresswomen, more Confederates than abolitionists Gillian Brockell Washington Post October 6, 2021
Of the men on the top 50 list, more than half were enslavers. Twelve were generals, 11 presidents and four Catholic saints or missionaries. Four were leaders of the Confederacy. Three men in the top 50 are men of color: King, Tecumseh and Frederick Douglass.

Charles W. Mills, philosopher of race and liberalism, dies at 70 Clay Risen New York Times September 27, 2021
He argued that white supremacy was a feature of the Western political tradition, and that racism represented a political system as intentional as liberal democracy.

The sacrifice Jonathan Abrams New York Times August 8, 2021
How Curt Flood made professional baseball’s free agency possible at the cost of ending his career.

How ‘race-norming’ was built into the NFL concussion settlement Will Hobson Washington Post August 2, 2021
The NFL and lawyers for former players blame the controversial practice on doctors. But both sides negotiated a settlement that guaranteed race would affect payouts — and defended the practice long after concerns were raised.

The Tulsa race massacre: 100 years later Wall Street Journal May 2021
In this nine-part series, The Wall Street Journal explores the legacy of the Tulsa Race Massacre and its economic reverberations, piecing together a story of both resilience and loss.

New Oklahoma law sparks debate over teaching about Tulsa massacre Tawnell D. Hobbs Wall Street Journal May 29, 2021
Opponents say it stifles lessons about history of white mobs burning down the Black community of Greenwood in 1921

Asian Americans PBS
Asian Americans is a five-hour film series that chronicles the contributions, and challenges of Asian Americans. Personal histories and new academic research cast a fresh lens on U.S. history and the role Asian Americans have played in it.

A viral video forced a wealthy Texas suburb to confront racism. A ‘silent majority’ fought back.  Mike Hixenbaugh NBC News January 22, 2021 Southlake is known for its top-ranked public schools. But a heated fight over a diversity plan has some parents questioning their future in the city.

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