Discrimination 2020

Stop telling Black people we could close the wealth gap if we valued education more Michelle Singletary Washington Post September 25, 2020
Black parents feel it’s very important that their children earn a college degree, Michelle Singletary writes. But a degree doesn’t necessarily confer the same advantages it does for Whites.

Fighting India’s Bonded Labor during the COVID-19 pandemic – Part 1 Rina Mukherji Inter Press Service September 22, 2020

British elites know who isn’t quite their type Josh Glancy Foreign Policy January 11, 2020

The Republicans least committed to democratic principles are those most worried about White America Philip Bump Washington Post September 2, 2020

The South’s fight for White Supremacy Jon Meacham New York Times August 23, 2020

Louisiana Supreme Court won’t review life sentence for man who stole hedge clippers Laurel Wamsley NPR August 5, 2020

I hope this is not another lie about the Republican Party Stuart Stevens New York Times July 29, 2020 (Opinion)
I chose to believe what I wanted to believe: The party wasn’t just a white grievance party…. We were wrong…the Republican Party actively embraced, supported, defended and now enthusiastically identifies with a man who eagerly exploits the nation’s racial tensions.

Why do economists have trouble understanding racialized inequalities? Ingrid Harvold Kvangraven and Surbhi Kesar Institute for New Economic Thinking August 3, 2020
Mainstream economics ignores historical and structural factors by design.

Economics is a disgrace Claudia Sahm Macromom July 29, 2020

Black Lives Matter protests spark debate over racism in the Arab world Sarah Dadouch Washington Post July 8, 2020

Economics for Black lives Darrick Hamilton and Jesse A. Myerson Dissent June 29, 2020.
Discussion of the pandemic, the uprisings, and the future through the lens of stratification economics.

Black families pay significantly higher property taxes than white families, new analysis shows Andrew Van Dam Washington Post July 2, 2020
Unfair property assessments lead to widespread overtaxation of black Americans’ homes

Asian Americans report over 650 racist acts over last week, new data says Caitlin Yoshiko Kandil NBC News March 26, 2020
“The deliberate use of terms like ‘Chinese virus’ has definitely fanned the flames of racism toward Asian Americans in this country,” one nonprofit leader said.

How Delhi’s police turned against Muslims Jeffrey Gettleman, Sameer Yasir, Suhasini Raj and Hari Kumar New York Times March 12, 2020
More evidence has emerged that the Indian police took part in violence against Muslims or stood aside during fighting in the capital last month.

Ben Carson’s disturbing retreat on fair housing Editorial Board Washington Post January 9, 2020 (Opinion)

Mamie Kirkland, witness to an era of racial terror, dies at 111 Dan Barry New York Times January 9, 2020
She endured the horrors of the African-American experience — lynchings, riots, the Ku Klux Klan — and worked to ensure that they never slipped from collective memory.

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