Critiques of orthodox economics 2020

Economist Dennis Snower says economics nears a new paradigm Dennis Snower Evonomics 2020

Why do economists have trouble understanding racialized inequalities? Ingrid Harvold Kvangraven and Surbhi Kesar Institute for New Economic Thinking August 3, 2020
Mainstream economics ignores historical and structural factors by design.

Economics is a disgrace Claudia Sahm Macromom July 29, 2020

Economics for Black lives Darrick Hamilton and Jesse A. Myerson Dissent June 29, 2020.
Discussion of the pandemic, the uprisings, and the future through the lens of stratification economics.

Whitewashing capitalism Tim Koechlin Common Dreams June 16, 2020
How ECON 100 obscures the relationships among capitalism, racism and racial inequality.

Principles of Radical Political Economics RPE Principles Working Group of the URPE Steering Committee URPE 2020

Economics is a failing discipline doing great harm – so let’s rethink it Andrew Simms The Guardian August 3, 2019

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