Control of land and natural resources 2021

This block used to be for first-time homebuyers. Then global investors bought in. Peter Whoriskey, Spencer Woodman and Margot Gibbs Washington Post December 15, 2021

In Afghanistan, ‘Who has the guns gets the land’ Thomas Gibbons-Neff and Yaqoob Akbary New York Times December 3, 2021
A decades-long fight over land has been reinvigorated as Taliban leaders look to reward their fighters with property, even if that means evicting others.

The U.S. owes Hawaiians millions of dollars worth of land. Congress helped make sure the debt wasn’t paid. Rob Perez Honolulu Star-Advertiser May 7, 2021
In a 1995 law, the U.S. promised to pay its land debt to Hawaiians, thousands of whom are waiting for homes. But Congress, including the state’s own delegation, voted to give the land to other parties.

America’s biggest owner of farmland is now Bill Gates Ariel Shapiro Forbes January 14, 2021

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