Conflict 2021

‘Burn it all down’ Meg Kelly, Shibani Mahtani and Joyce Sohyun Lee Washington Post December 23, 2021
How Myanmar’s military razed villages to crush a growing resistance.

Ethiopian refugees say they escaped ‘final stage of ethnic cleansing’ in western Tigray Max Bearak Washington Post December 16, 2021

The human toll of America’s air wars Azmat Khan New York Times December 19, 2021

Hidden Pentagon records reveal patterns of failure in deadly air strikes Azmat Kahn New York Times December 18, 2021
The promise was a war waged by all-seeing drones and precision bombs. The documents show flawed intelligence, faulty targeting, years of civilian deaths — and scant accountability.

Saudi warplanes carpet-bomb Yemen with US help. This must end. Bernie Sanders and Ro Khanna The Guardian December 3, 2021
The US must end all support for the Saudi war effort in Yemen. It is fueling the largest humanitarian crisis in the world.

UN’s highest ever humanitarian appeal falls on imperialism’s deaf ears Jean Shaoul World Socialist Website December 5, 2021

Foreign powers are intervening in Ethiopia. They may only make the conflict worse. Yohannes Woldemariam and Nic Cheeseman Washington Post November 19, 2021
The civil war has become internationalized — and all the more intractable.

Costs of the 20-year war on terror: $8 trillion and 900,000 deaths Brown University September 1, 2021 See also the Costs of War website, perhaps especially the Costs of War subsections.
A report from the Costs of War project at Brown University revealed that 20 years of post-9/11 wars have cost the U.S. an estimated $8 trillion and have killed more than 900,000 people.

How Myanmar’s military terrrorized its people with weapons of war Joyce Sohyun Lee, Shibani Mahtani, Meg Kelly and Attahar Mirza Washington Post August 25, 2021

Five ways the U.S. created and prolonged the Afghan crisis Zoltán Grossman The Progressive August 20, 2021
The United States was involved in Afghanistan long before 9/11, fomenting Islamist revolt and paving the way for its own defeat.

Flawed from the start, critics say Afghan war’s bitter end for U.S. was ‘inevitable’ Andrea Germanos Common Dreams August 13, 2021
“No one will look back through history with anything but shame and sorrow for the human suffering wrought and the repeated failures of the U.S. war machine.”

The grand illusion: Hiding the truth about the Afghanistan war’s ‘conclusion’ Craig Whitlock Washington Post August 12, 2021
The Obama administration declared combat over in 2014, but U.S. troops kept fighting and dying.

The human cost of 10 years of conflict in Syria John Washington The Nation June 30, 2021
A decade after the first shots were fired, cities are in ruins, over half a million Syrians have died, and more than ten million have been displaced.

Unable to control Tigray, Ethiopia isolates region already beset by famine and war Max Bearak Washington Post July 2, 2021

Myanmar’s leader, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, is detained amid coup Hannah Beech New York Times February 1, 2021
Communications were suspended and flights disrupted as the military took power from an elected government and declared a one-year state of emergency.

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