A Chinese empire reborn

A new NYT article  looks at the role of military power, oppression of its citizens, and use of power against others in the rise of  Chinese power.

A Chinese empire reborn.  The Communist Party’s emerging empire is more the result of force than a gravitational pull of Chinese ideas.  Edward Wong New York Times January 5, 2018

Other NYT articles look at recent examples of oppression in China:

With Xi’s power grab, China joins new era of strongmen Stephen Lee Meyers New York Times February 26, 2018

What it’s like to live in a surveillance state  James A. Milward New York Times February 3, 2018

Apple allowing the Chinese government to access I phone user data stored in Apple servers in China;

Chinese authorities seizing a  Hong Kong based publisher from a Chinese train and the detention of  a Chinese rights lawyer after posting a pro-democracy appeal.

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