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Heterodox Economics and the Economics of Harm

Heterodox Economics and the Economics of Harm Lane Vanderslice Journal of Economic Issues June 2022 (15 page PDF download) Much of heterodox economics, such as institutional, feminist, and conflict economics, has focused on major areas of harm, developing and strengthening the analysis of harm. The two costs have been terminologies which differ among the various approaches and the (unmet) need to bring the approaches together in an overall view of harm. Heterodox economics (and the relatively few orthodox authors) are on the right track in understanding productive + harmful economic systems while orthodox economics, as shown by its textbooks, is not. Yet the wrong approach is the dominant one. Will the truth win out?

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The Association for Social Economics establishes a complimentary membership structure for individuals in lower income countries

Association for Social Economics April 12, 2022

Based on the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development’s (OECD) Development Assistance Committee (DAC) List of Official Development Assistance (ODA) Recipients, members from least developed countries, low income countries, lower middle income countries and territories, and upper middle income countries and territories are able to receive a free, one-year membership with renewal!

The ASE Executive Council (EC) approved this update in December 2021 for a two-year trial period with the possibility of extension upon review of the program. Eligible members will thus receive a complimentary membership for at least two years, but will need to renew their respective membership at the end of the first year into the second year. Closer to the end of 2023, the EC will review the program and make a decision about its continuance.year.

We hope this program provides some relief from the potential financial resource hurdle associated with joining the ASE. To get started, visit the membership page of the ASE website:

Scroll down to and click on “Complimentary Membership” in the bottom right corner. Based on your location, the landing page on the next screen will alert you to your eligibility status based on your detected location. Should you run into any issues or believe you’ve reached a particular status in error, please reach out to the ASE Executive Secretary, Chris Jeffords at

Please share this announcement widely and thank you for your continued support of the ASE!

Orthodox Economics and the Economics of Harm

Orthodox Economics and the Economics of Harm Lane Vanderslice Journal of Economic Issues September 2021 Access to 17 page PDF file of the pre-publication article below.
Orthodox economics understands productive activity, which obtains income by benefiting others, but does not have an adequate conception of activity which obtains income by harming others. There is a broad and important range of activities which obtain income by harming others. This paper considers the analysis of some of these including conflict theory, rent-seeking, corruption, harm of workers, consumers, and nature, economic historians’ consideration of extractive political and economic institutions, and the varieties of discrimination. The omission of harm is evident in undergraduate textbooks in microeconomics and public economics.   The fundamental political economic system of past and present, a productive plus harmful one, is not being taught to economics students.

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