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Cover of 'Unworthy Republic' by Claudio Saunt Credit: W.W. Norton

Unworthy Republic: The dispossession of Native Americans and the road to Indian territory by Claudio Saunt

‘Unworthy Republic’ takes an unflinching look at Indian removal in the 1830s Jennifer Szalai New York Times March 24, 2020
Saunt’s book traces the expulsion of 80,000 Native Americans over the course of the 1830s, from their homes in the eastern United States to territories west of the Mississippi River….Saunt argues that Indian Removal was truly “unprecedented”; it was a “formal, state-administered process” designed to eliminate every native person to the east of the Mississippi — a systematic expulsion that would later serve as an ignominious model for other regimes around the world.

Cover of Unworthy Republic by Claudio Saunt. Credit W.W. Norton

Cover of The Hidden Wealth of Nations Credit: University of Chicago Press

The Hidden Wealth of Nations: The scourge of tax havens by Gabriel Zucman

This book is essential reading for understanding tax havens. Chapter 1, “A century of offshore finance,” describes how Switzerland became a major country for those trying to hide their wealth and escape taxes, how other centers of offshore finance grew up after WWII, most with their own special contribution to secrecy, and how the combination of these centers insures even greater secrecy. Chapter II, “The missing wealth of nations,” estimates this missing wealth at about 8 percent of the global financial wealth of households and lost taxes at $200 billion, providing insights into financial structure and specifics on revenue loss as the estimates are developed.

Trillions of dollars have sloshed into offshore tax havens. Here’s how to get it back David Scharfenberg Boston Globe January 20, 2018

See the page The Hidden Wealth of Nations for further book reviews and informative slide presentations by Zucman.

Cover of The Hidden Wealth of Nations Credit: University of Chicago Press

Cover of The Triumph of Doubt by David Michaels

The Triumph of Doubt: Dark Money and the Science of Deception by David Michaels

A government insider exposes the industry playbook for undermining evidence-based policy Sheril Kirshenbaum Science February 10, 2020
His book offers account after account of unethical bad actors working against the public good on issues ranging from asbestos to climate change. Powerful firms and individuals seeking personal gain repeat the tactics of a well-worn playbook of denial and misdirection proven effective by Big Tobacco more than 50 years ago. Michaels pulls no punches, naming the corporations and people responsible for fraud, deception, and even what he terms “climate terrorism.” He reveals the dirty ways that industries have succeeded at shaping their own narratives regarding safety and health by producing articles and diversions designed to deny and distort science while confusing the public.

Cover of The Triumph of Doubt by David Michaels Credit: Oxford University Press