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This section gives examples of how people are oppressed / harmed by exploitation.  Should be read in conjunction with Opposing Oppression and Injustice. This is part of staying in power/struggle for control. It is a separate section because of its importance.

Oppression and Exploitation News September 3 – September 9

Harming people – Keeping people oppressed 2020

‘Kill all you see’: In a first, Myanmar soldiers tell of Rohingya slaughter Hannah Beech, Saw Nang and Marlise Simons New York Times September 8, 2020

Trump administration to tap into frozen Venezuelan government funds to revive efforts to oust Maduro Karen DeYoung and Anthony Faiola Washington Post August 20, 2020

Voices from Kashmir: Inside India’s year-long crackdown Niha MasihShams Irfan and Joanna Slater Washington Post August 4, 2020

Harm through the government 2020

Louis DeJoy’s rise as GOP fundraiser was powered by contributions from company workers who were later reimbursed, former employees say Aaron C. Davis, Amy Gardner and Jon Swaine Washington Post September 6, 2020

Opposing oppression and injustice 2020

Salvadorans walk past a mural of Salvadoran martyrs Aug. 15, 2020, outside Our Lady of Pilar Catholic Church in Zaragoza, El Salvador. The mural includes four U.S. churchwomen slain in El Salvador in 1980; some Catholics in the country consider them part of a long list of Salvadoran saints and martyrs. (CNS/Courtesy Patricia Lazo)

Forty years after killings, Salvadoran city claims Maryknoll Sisters as its own Rhina Guidos Catholic News Service September 4, 2020

Struggle for control – staying in power 2020

Mali coup leaders pledge democracy after deposing president Ruth Maclean, Cheick Amadou Diouara and Elian Peltier New York Times August 19, 2020
The plotters appealed to Malians and foreign powers in a televised address to the nation, and said that new elections would be held to replace the detained president, who had been democratically elected.

Crime 2020

In Haiti, coronavirus and a man named Barbecue test the rule of law Ingrid Arnesen and Anthony Faiola Washington Post August 14, 2020

Oppression and Exploitation News August 20 – 26

Harming people – Keeping people oppressed 2020

Aleksei Navalny hospitalized in Russia in suspected poisoning Andrew Higgins New York Times August 20, 2020
The prominent opposition leader was reported to be in serious but stable condition in intensive care in Siberia after his flight to Moscow was forced to make an emergency landing.

Obtaining income through the government 2020

Steve Bannon is charged with fraud in We Build the Wall campaign Alan Feuer, William K. Rashbaum and Maggie Haberman New York Times August 20, 2020
Mr. Bannon and three others are accused in a scheme to use funds raised for construction to pay for personal expenses.

Juan Carlos, Spain’s former king, quits country amid multiple investigations Raphael Minder New York Times August 3, 2020
The former king’s departure, which comes as he faces financial inquiries, may fuel Spain’s political and social debate over the future of the monarchy.

Struggle for control – staying in power 2020

G.O.P.-led Senate panel details ties between 2016 Trump campaign and Russia Mark Mazetti New York Times August 18, 2020
A nearly 1,000-page report confirmed the special counsel’s findings at a moment when President Trump’s allies have sought to undermine that inquiry.

Trump’s flagrant assault on the First Amendment is disguised as a defense of it Editorial Board Washington Post August 5, 2020

Oppression and Exploitation News – July 30 – August 5

Damage to the U.S. economic and financial system 2020

Businesses are supposed to cut debt in a downturn. Why not now? Matt Phillips New York Times July 20, 2020
The Federal Reserve’s efforts to stabilize markets have touched off an even bigger borrowing binge than corporate America was already on. Investors have been so emboldened by the Fed’s actions that even companies viewed as especially risky are having no problem borrowing heavily…. The low costs of borrowing will inevitably keep some companies alive that would otherwise have gone bankrupt this year, creating a class of so-called zombie companies that stagger along but are too weak to invest and grow while sucking up cash that could be put to better use elsewhere.

Harming people – Keeping people oppressed 2020

Hachalu Hundessa, Ethiopian singer and activist, is shot dead Abdi Latif Dahir New York Times May 30, 2020
The musician, 34, was known for political songs that provided support for the ethnic Oromo group’s fight against repression and a soundtrack for antigovernment protests.

Harm through the government 2020

DeVos aide played role in helping failing for-profit colleges, texts and emails show Danielle Douglas-Gabriel Washington Post July 28, 2020

Harm through the market 2020

TurboTax and H&R Block used “unfair and abusive practices,” state regulator finds Justin Elliot ProPublica July 15, 2020
Last year alone, more than 14 million Americans paid around $1 billion to Intuit and other companies for tax prep that they should have gotten for free, according to a Treasury inspector general report.