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Harm to the environment 2022

The Barbados Rebellion: An island nation’s fight for climate justice Abrahm Lustgarten New York Times July 27, 2022
The Caribbean is trapped between crushing debt and a climate disaster caused by rich nations. Prime Minister Mia Mottley is battling for a fairer system.

Unearthing the secret superpowers of fungus  Somini Sengupta  and (Photos) Tomás Munita  July 27, 2022
In the fight against warming, a formidable ally hides just beneath our feet. Report from Chile on scientists building a global atlas of underground fungal networks. [After centuries of destruction of natural land, mankind has still not understood its benefits. ED.]

Congo to auction land to oil companies: ‘Our priority is not to save the planet’ Ruth Maclean and Dionne Searcey New York Times July 24, 2022
Peatlands and rainforests in the Congo Basin protect the planet by storing carbon. Now, in a giant leap backward for the climate, they’re being auctioned off for drilling. Promised climate compensation from developed countries did not come through.