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This is the point of the harmful part of a productive + harmful economic system: obtaining income not through productive means, but by unproductive means–taking it away from others.   The central idea of this website is that one group uses resources to restructure the alternatives of the second group in such a way that the first group benefits.  Slavery would be an example.  This is discussed in the following sections: Harm through the market, Obtaining income through the government – rent seeking – corruption, Discrimination: race – gender – ethnic – religious – class, Discrimination against women, Slavery, forced laborCrime, Control of land and natural resources.

Harm through the government 2021

Jan. 6 was worse than we knew Editorial Board New York Times October 2, 2021
In the days before the mob descended on the Capitol, a corollary attack — this one bloodless and legalistic — was playing out down the street in the White House, where Mr. Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and a lawyer named John Eastman huddled in the Oval Office, scheming to subvert the will of the American people by using legal sleight-of-hand.

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Discrimination 2021

America’s 50,000 monuments: More mermaids than congresswomen, more Confederates than abolitionists Gillian Brockell Washington Post October 6, 2021
Of the men on the top 50 list, more than half were enslavers. Twelve were generals, 11 presidents and four Catholic saints or missionaries. Four were leaders of the Confederacy. Three men in the top 50 are men of color: King, Tecumseh and Frederick Douglass.

Charles W. Mills, philosopher of race and liberalism, dies at 70 Clay Risen New York Times September 27, 2021
He argued that white supremacy was a feature of the Western political tradition, and that racism represented a political system as intentional as liberal democracy.

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Tax havens 2021

Pandora Papers: Featured articles International Consortium of Investigative Journalists October 4, 2021
See articles including: Offshore havens and hidden riches of world leaders and billionaires exposed in unprecedented leak; Suspect foreign money flows into booming American tax havens on promise of eternal secrecy; How America’s largest law firm drives global wealth into tax havens;

Pandora Papers: Reporting from the Washington Post Washington Post 3, 2021
See articles including: Global hunt for looted treasures leads to offshore trusts; Secret trove illuminates the lives of billionaires buying influence, avoiding taxes and owning yachts; Rogue Americans stashed assets offshore, eluding victims and impeding investigators.

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Actions to reduce harm 2021

(Certainly governments, corporations and other organizations do take actions to reduce harm or otherwise improve the lives of the people. This is often, even typically, the result of political action by citizens. This post gives examples.)

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