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This is the point of the harmful part of a productive + harmful economic system: obtaining income not through productive means, but by unproductive means–taking it away from others.   The central idea of this website is that one group uses resources to restructure the alternatives of the second group in such a way that the first group benefits.  Slavery would be an example.  This is discussed in the following sections: Harm through the market, Obtaining income through the government – rent seeking – corruption, Discrimination: race – gender – ethnic – religious – class, Discrimination against women, Slavery, forced laborCrime, Control of land and natural resources.

Harm through the market 2022

Prices, Profits, and Power: An Analysis of 2021 Firm-Level Markups Mike Konczal and Niko Lusiani Roosevelt Institute June 2022 (Download of a 12 page PDF file)
How to understand and respond to inflation has become one of the central debates of this economic recovery. This research brief is the first to explore the size and distribution of markups (essentially the difference between sales and marginal costs) and profit margins across 3,698 firms operating in the US in 2021…. The evidence of this unusually and suddenly high jump in markups fits all three of the main explanatory stories of inflation being debated—namely those related to changes in demand, supply, and market power. First, we see broad markup increases across many types and sizes of firms, suggesting a demand side of the story. Second, the data points to a historically unique movement of markups between industries in 2021, suggesting a supply story. Lastly, we find that, adjusting for size, pre-pandemic markups are a strong predictor of the increase in markups during 2021, suggesting a role for market power as an explanatory driver of inflation.

Ten ways billionaires avoid taxes on an epic scale Paul Kiel ProPublica June 24, 2022
After a year of reporting on the tax machinations of the ultrawealthy, ProPublica spotlights the top tax-avoidance techniques that provide massive benefits to billionaires.

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Harm through the government 2022

The Supreme Court rolls back a right and inflames a divided country Dan Baltz Washington Post June 24, 2022
The implications are both staggering and impossible to predict, other than that ending the right to abortion will have profound effects on women while adding to the cultural and political balkanization of America.

South Africa’s corruption inquiry leaves few of the nation’s powerful unscathed Lynsey Chutel New York Times June 23, 2022
The final portion of a three-year investigation reported graft on a massive scale under former President Jacob Zuma, but also found the current president’s actions wanting.

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Discrimination against women 2022

Southern Baptist leaders covered up sex abuse, kept secret database, report says Sarah Pulliam Bailey Washington Post May 22, 2022
Among the findings was a previously unknown case of a pastor who was credibly accused of assaulting a woman a month after leaving the presidency of the Southern Baptist Convention

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Tax havens 2022

The western elite is preventing us from going after the assets of Russia’s hyper-rich Thomas Piketty The Guardian March 16, 2022
Why has no progress been made on an international financial registry? One simple reason: wealthy westerners don’t want one.

The search for oligarchs’ wealth in U.S. is hindered by investment loopholes Todd C. Frankel Washington Post March 16, 2022
Finding yachts and mansions is easier than uncovering money in private equity funds that don’t need to adopt anti-corruption rules, experts say.

How Putin’s oligarchs bought London Patrick Radden Keefe New Yorker March 17, 2022
From banking to boarding schools, the British establishment has long been at their service, discretion guaranteed.

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Discrimination 2022

Riding a horse is tradition for Indian grooms — except Dalits, who face caste violence. One district is fighting back. Niha Masih Washington Post February 21, 2022

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