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This is the point of the harmful part of a productive + harmful economic system: obtaining income not through productive means, but by unproductive means–taking it away from others.   The central idea of this website is that one group uses resources to restructure the alternatives of the second group in such a way that the first group benefits.  Slavery would be an example.  This is discussed in the following sections: Harm through the market, Obtaining income through the government – rent seeking – corruption, Discrimination: race – gender – ethnic – religious – class, Discrimination against women, Slavery, forced laborCrime, Control of land and natural resources.

Harm through the market 2022

The FIFA World Cup in Qatar: Geopolitics, money and double standards Peter Schwarz November 25, 2022

Open veins of Africa bleeding heavily Ndongo Samba Sylla and Jomo Kwame Sundaram Inter Press Service November 22, 2022 (Opinion)
Capital flight – involving looted resources laundered via foreign banks – has been bleeding the continent. According to the High Level Panel on Illicit Financial Flows from Africa, the continent was losing over $50 billion annually. This was mainly due to ‘trade mis-invoicing’ – under-invoicing exports and over-invoicing imports – and fraudulent commercial arrangements.

Can we trust corporate media outlets to report on the laws set to govern them? Steve Macek and Andy Lee Roth Truthout November 28, 2022
This fall, the Senate judiciary committee approved legislation that would exempt the nation’s largest news outlets from some antitrust restrictions, allowing major news outlets to collectively negotiate payments from social media companies — such as Google and Facebook — that link to and profit from the outlets’ news reporting. Instead of “preserving” journalism, as the bill’s name suggests, the legislation will primarily benefit large corporate news conglomerates, and will do little, if anything, to preserve or promote public-interest journalism.

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Harm to the environment 2022

Towards a just transition: breaking with the existing order Hamza Hamouchene, Ouafa Haddioui and Katie Sandwell ROAPE November 15, 2022
The action proposed by world leaders, their advisors, and corporate lobbyists at the climate talks (COP27) in Egypt are neoliberal, market-based, and focused on preserving a racist and capitalist global order. Introducing a collection of papers on the climate emergency in North Africa, Hamza Hamouchene, Ouafa Haddioui and Katie Sandwell denounce mainstream and top-down solutions for an environmental crisis engulfing the region, and continent.

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Harm through the government 2022

Citing Orwell, judge blocks ‘positively dystopian’ censorship law backed by DeSantis Jake Johnson Common Dreams November 17, 2022 The federal judge lambasted Florida officials’ argument that “professors enjoy ‘academic freedom’ so long as they express only those viewpoints of which the state approves.”

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