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Discrimination 2021

The Tulsa race massacre: 100 years later Wall Street Journal May 2021
In this nine-part series, The Wall Street Journal explores the legacy of the Tulsa Race Massacre and its economic reverberations, piecing together a story of both resilience and loss.

New Oklahoma law sparks debate over teaching about Tulsa massacre Tawnell D. Hobbs Wall Street Journal May 29, 2021
Opponents say it stifles lessons about history of white mobs burning down the Black community of Greenwood in 1921

Asian Americans PBS
Asian Americans is a five-hour film series that chronicles the contributions, and challenges of Asian Americans. Personal histories and new academic research cast a fresh lens on U.S. history and the role Asian Americans have played in it.

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Control of land and natural resources 2021

The U.S. owes Hawaiians millions of dollars worth of land. Congress helped make sure the debt wasn’t paid. Rob Perez Honolulu Star-Advertiser May 7, 2021
In a 1995 law, the U.S. promised to pay its land debt to Hawaiians, thousands of whom are waiting for homes. But Congress, including the state’s own delegation, voted to give the land to other parties.

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