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Harm through the government 2022

ILO report reveals deepening cuts in real wages Nick Beams December 6, 2022

Labor historians’ “open letter” to Biden falls on deaf ears Tom Mackaman December 5, 2022
Scores of American labor historians last week signed an open letter to President Biden imploring him not to impose a contract on railroad workers against their will, and thereby outlaw the right to strike.  

Mexico’s planned GM corn ban ‘deep concern’ for US Vanessa Buschschlüter BBC News December 1, 2022

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More than 100 million now forcibly displaced–UNHCR

Children sit outside their family tent at the Alzhouriyeh makeshift camp in east rural Homs, Syria.

More than 100 million now forcibly displaced UNHCR June 16, 2022 Access full report.
At the end of June 2022, an estimated 103 million people have been forcibly displaced from their homes due to persecution, conflict, violence, human rights violations and events seriously disturbing public order. This is an increase of 13.6 million (+15 per cent) compared to the end of 2021, more than the entire populations of Belgium, Burundi or Cuba. Today, one in every 78 people on earth is displaced.