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Conflict 2020

Conflict is an essential element, probably the most important one, in creating societies where exploitation is important.  It is easy to see in the past: one group or nation conquered another and put those conquered in a subsidiary status, taking their land, taxing them and placing them in an inferior position through various means. These patterns frequently continue into the present, in (usually) weakened, but still present, form.  Conflict can also arise when people who are oppressed fight for their freedom. Also see Conflict

Hospitals and schools are being bombed in Syria. A U.N. inquiry is limited. We took a deeper look Malachy Browne, Christiaan Triebert, Evan Hill, Whitney Hurst, Gabriel Gianordoli and Dmitriy Khavin New York Times December 31, 2019


Two major costs of crime are the cost to the victim and the cost of preventing crime. There does not appear to be a worldwide estimate for the cost of crime. Estimates for the cost of crime in the United States have ranged from $690 billion to $3.41 trillion according to a 2017 GAO look at the issue.

More than 60,000 Mexicans have disappeared amid drug war, officials say Mary Beth Sheridan Washington Post January 6, 2020

US inequality, poverty, hunger 2019

Many renters who face eviction owe less than $600. Can Washington do something to help them? A growing number of politicians think so. Emily Badger New York Times December 12, 2019

Watch 4 decades of inequality drive American cities apart. The biggest metropolitan areas are now the most unequal. Emily Badger and Kevin Quealy New York Times December 2, 2019

Income inequality in America is the highest it has been since the Census started tracking it, data shows Taylor Telford Washington Post September 26, 2019

More Americans go without health coverage despite a strong economy, Census Bureau finds Amy Goldstein and Heather Long Washington Post September 10, 2019