Actions to reduce harm 2021

(Certainly governments do take actions to reduce harm or otherwise improve the lives of the people. This is often, even typically, the result of political action by citizens. This post gives examples.)

Biden ramps up fight against corruption Dylan Tokar Wall Street Journal June 4, 2021
Anticorruption push could lead to broader focus among federal prosecutors on corruption and bribery.

A Dutch court rules that Shell must step up its climate change efforts Stanley Reed and Claire Moses New York Times May 26, 2021

Christopher Stone, environmental scholar who championed fundamental rights of nature, dies at 83 Emily Langer Washington Post May 19, 2021

Biden seeks $80 billion to beef up I.R.S. audits of high-earners  Jim Tankersley and Alan Rappeport New York Times April 27, 2021
The president’s “American Families Plan,” which he will detail this week, will be offset in part by a tax enforcement effort that administration officials believe will raise $700 billion over a decade.

Global brands find It hard to untangle themselves from Xinjiang cotton Peter S. Goodman, Vivian Wang and Elizabeth Paton New York Times April 6, 2021
Under pressure to renounce cotton harvested in a Chinese region marked by gruesome repression, they face a backlash from nationalist Chinese consumers.

National civic space ratings from the CIVICUS Monitor, which uses up-to-date information and indicators to assess the state of freedom of association, peaceful assembly and expression for all UN Member States. Credit: CIVICUS Monitor/IPS

Is the USA fit to rejoin the UN Human Rights Council? Emily Standfield Inter Press Service February 24, 2021
The United States has rejoined the UN Human Rights Council as an observer. This article looks at the human rights record of HRC members.

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