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Peruvian President Vizcarra

Vizcarra, new president of Peru, unveils major reform proposal to fight corruption

Corruption scandals have ensnared 3 Peruvian presidents. Now the whole political system could change.  Simeon Tegel  The Washington Post August 12, 2018

Caption: Peruvian President Vizcarra giving a major anti-corruption speech August 14 in Arequipa.  “There is no turning back, the fight against corruption will cost what it costs,  and who must fall, will fall.” Photo: Government of Peru

The women of Macharawari Pallem.

How the Yanadi, an oppressed indigenous people in India, are reclaiming their rights one village at a time

How the Yanadi, an Oppressed Indigenous People in India, are Reclaiming Their Rights One Village At a Time Stella Paul Inter Press Service August 7, 2018

Photo caption: The women of Macharawari Pallem, a village of the Yanadi indigenous people located some three hours from Chennai city in South India, finally re-claimed their land after being award it over two decades ago and losing it to landlords and village elites. Credit: Stella Paul/IPS