Oppression and Exploitation News July 11 – 17

Harm through the market 2019

The brutal psychological toll of erratic work schedules Daniel Schneider and Kristen Harknett Washington Post June 27, 2019
“Unpredictable hours and variable pay may cause even more distress than low wages.”

Violation of laws and norms that form and strengthen democracy

Trump fans the flames of a racial fire Peter Baker New York Times July 14, 2019 (News analysis)

Google, Facebook, internet companies and harm

How Google went from providing information about its users in the aggregate to collecting a vast number of bits of information about you from the use of its services, using this information to sell ads that focus directly on you, and selling the information to others as well which, in combination with other information, can provide others with specific information about you, including your name and address.
Google’s 4,000-word privacy policy is a secret history of the internet Charlie Warzel and Ash Ngu New York Times July 10, 2019 (Opinion)

Struggle for control 2019

Politicians don’t actually care what voters want Joshua Kalla and Ethan Porter New York Times July 11, 2019
“[For example] in the average legislative district in our experiment, seven out of 10 constituents support eliminating mandatory minimum sentences for nonviolent drug offenders. But when legislators were asked how many of their constituents they believed supported such a policy, they responded that fewer than two out of 10 constituents did — even if they’d seen their own constituents’ preferences. “

Trump needs his base to burn with anger Thomas Edsall New York Times July 3, 2019

Details about the Argentinian government’s program to assassinate dissidents in the 1970s. It also shows that the CIA was informed of these assassinations and other “details” as they occurred, without informing the U.S. public. Part of the U.S human rights record.
Declassified U.S. documents reveal details about Argentina’s dictatorship Ernesto Londoño New York Times April 12, 2019

Oppression and Exploitation News July 3 – 10

Struggle for control 2019

Illustrating the fragility of democracy because of the ability of those in power to subvert democratic norms.
Benin was a robust democracy. Then the new president took power. Sarah Maslin Nir New York Times July 4, 2019

Google, Facebook, internet companies and harm

If advertisers are doing it, can the U.S. (and other) governments be far behind? ‘Fingerprinting’ to track us online is on the rise. Here’s what to do. Brian X. Chen New York Times July 3, 2019 “Advertisers are increasingly turning to an invisible method that pulls together information about your device to pinpoint your identity. ”

Oppression and Exploitation News June 27 – July 2

Discrimination 2019

One in five Americans say it’s okay for businesses to refuse to serve Jews Aiden Pink The Forward June 26, 2019

Struggle for control 2019

What happened to America’s political center of gravity? Sahil Chinoy New York Times June 26, 2019

Trump voters driven by fear of losing status, not economic anxiety, study finds Niraj Chokshi New York Times April 24, 2019 Study link.

There are really two distinct white working classes Thomas B. Edsall New York Times June 26, 2019
“One is solidly Republican and will stay that way; the other leans Democratic. And then there are the in-betweeners.”

Uber drivers are contractors, not employees, Labor Board says Noam Scheiber New York Times May 14, 2019

Egypt quietly buries former President Morsi, muting coverage of death Declan Walsh New York Times June 18, 2019

Leaked messages raise fairness questions in Brazil corruption inquiry Ernesto Londono and Leticia Casado New York Times June 10, 2019
“Excerpts from cellphone chats…suggest that Sérgio Moro, the most prominent judge involved in hearing cases in the scandal known as Lava Jato, or Car Wash, consulted with and advised federal prosecutors on strategy as they took on towering political figures in recent years.”

Conflict 2019

Number of people fleeing conflict Is highest since World War II, U.N. says Nick Cumming-Bruce New York Times June 19, 2019

Obtaining income through the government

Is gig work a Job? Uber and others are maneuvering to shape the answer. Noam Scheiber New York Times March 26, 2019
“Industry officials estimate that a work force of employees costs companies 20 to 30 percent more than a work force of contractors — a sum worth many hundreds of millions of dollars per year to Uber. ”

Harm through the market

Prices paid to hospitals by private health plans are high relative to Medicare and vary widely Chapin White and Christopher Whaley Rand June 2019
“Transparency by itself is likely insufficient to reduce hospital prices, and employers may need state or federal policy interventions to rebalance negotiating leverage between hospitals and employer health plans.”

Oppression and Exploitation News June 20 – 26

Discrimination 2019

Black people’s land was stolen Andrew W. Kahrl New York Times June 20, 2019
“Any discussion of reparations must include how this happened, who did it, and the laws, policies and practices that allowed it.”

Here’s what Ta-Nehisi Coates told Congress about reparations New York Times June 19, 2019
The writer argued that African-Americans were exploited by nearly every American institution, before and after slavery ended.

Conflict 2019

The exceptionally American historical amnesia behind Pompeo’s claim of ‘40 years of unprovoked Iranian aggression Brett Wilkins Common Dreams June 20, 2019
” From a CIA coup and supporting the Shah’s brutality to enabling chemical attacks, shooting down a civilian airliner and training terrorists, ‘aggression’ between the US and Iran is overwhelmingly one-sided.”

Large firm economic and political power 2019

U.S. health care is very expensive, yet quality is not high. This is due to various factors mentioned in the article including high prices for services and drugs.
U.S. health care ranked worst in the developed worldMelissa HellmannTime June 17, 2018